Our FAB hair fibre applicator/spray bottle makes it even simpler to apply any of our hair fibre varieties.

What:  The applicator houses the fibres for application

Hair Fibre Applicator


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Why:   To control the amount of fibres used when applying, the control can be dispensed with a pinch for a small amount or a squeeze for a larger amount.

How:  The hair should be styled prior to using the applicator. When using the applicator depending on the size of area will depend on how close you will have the nozzle. The smaller the area the closer the nozzle should be, the larger the area the further away the nozzle. Equally the smaller areas need only a slight squeeze of the pump, the larger the areas will need a bigger and firmer squeeze of the pump to control the amount of fibres released.

What if- should the applicator not be used you cannot control evenly the amount of fibres applied to the desired area. Not using the applicator will resort in wastage and over application of fibres with fibres falling outside of the desired area.

When: the applicator should be used whenever you wish to add fibres to increase the appearance of density and hair volume in small and large areas of the head and beard.

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