Man Is King gives you the power to feel like a KING. It’s founder MK (Mucktaru Kargbo), with humble beginnings born in North London, is regarded as one of the barbering industry's biggest success stories. Respected and trusted globally, MK has won numerous national & international awards including the acclaimed Grand Master Barber award consecutively, between year 2006 to 2018x. At his salon ‘MAN IS KING Grooming Room’, where he perfected his craft as a barber was also the birthplace of the Man Is King product line.

The need for good nourishing products for MK’s clientele was always on his mind, he needed a product line for all hair types, dry hair and scalp, dry skin, razor bumps etc.  With a lack of suitable products, MK began his quest to produce his own product line.   In 2018 ‘Man Is King’ had its soft launch to test its appeal with pop up shops at local events.  The reaction from consumers was a resounding success, completely selling out a number of product lines.  The rest is history.




MK one of the country’s leading barbering stylists MK has created with the help of some of the cleverest chemist in the UK. These must-have products designed for Kings, are continuously reinventing their inventions and adding new and more technologically advanced products to each range. They have obsessively formulated, developed, debated over the starting 13 Products in the regal range for hair, skin and beard styling products.





No follower of fashion, Man Is King set's the trends. With a focus on pushing creative boundaries and developing cutting edge products, will allow the brand to evolve and adapt to the global competitor of male grooming products. Man Is King nourishing and high-performance products create a visual statement deserving of a kings mantle. The dark packaging is decadent to its meaning as the colour black represents strength, seriousness, power, and authority. Black is a formal, elegant, and prestigious colour and one we present as ‘Man Is King’.