What: This cordless light weight air brush compressor is ideal for any form of spraying colour from cake decorating to arts and craft and even hair colour enhancement. This nifty bit of equipment is great for those on the move or in remote places. 

Cordless Airbrush


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Why: To use this will save time and space, easy to use just pour in desired paint and get stuck in. Ideal for exhibitions, video work, photo/video shoots, live stage work such as competitions and even open outdoor spaces.

How: Just pour in desired paint and get stuck in, there is an adjustable lever to control the amount sprayed. 2 control settings of speed to change pressure for small and large areas of spraying.

What if- The common air compressors are corded and can affect the result via the wire always adjusting weight and movement of the airbrush making it more challenging to achieve undisturbed control.

When: To colour any artist work from hair, cakes arts and craft, even body art + make-up. Great for mobile stylist and artist. Ideal for details spraying when precision is a  must and perfection is no compromise.

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