What – freeze spray to hold the fibres and hairstyle in a fixed position for hold and control

Fixing Spray


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Why –  To achieve firm hold on styled hair to ensure it stays in place all day. Firm hold on moulded hairstyles; hightops/square cuts, curly hair afro/euro, will protect hair against light rain and wind from flopping or moving.

How –  Spray 6 inches from dry hair to fix your style, or using your hands, work through damp hair to style.


What if – you don’t spray 6inches away you will waste product and the product will run.

                  You won’t get an even distribution of product some parts may hold, than others not.

                  If used correctly this product will give strong lasting hold for the whole day, making it the                                                   perfect companion for holidays and clubbing!  

When -  use occasionally for firm hold especially  when humidity can play a part in your day. Non-aerosol formulas are best for curly hair, 


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